Anti-Fatigue / Safety Mats

Anti-fatigue Safety Mats are the perfect solution to protect your feet from the strain caused by standing for prolonged periods of time on hard surfaces.

Our premium anti-fatigue matting collection includes; Bubble Mats, Clean-Through Plus Mats, Safety Cushion, and VynaGrip Mats.

From residential to commercial anti-fatigue cushioning solutions, this type of matting fits all kinds of settings and its cost range from large to even small economical budgets. They are preferably used for relieving aching feet from hard surfaces in the kitchen, spa, bar, changing rooms and production areas. These mats are made from 100% rubber. Anti-fatigue non-slip mats can work on uneven surfaces and are resistant to most chemicals, oils, and grease.



Bubble Mat
Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and economical solution for relieving stress on lower back, legs and feet cause by standing for long hours
 100xcleanthroughplus.jpg Clean-Through Plus
As good as it gets wherever wet floors are a possibility, Nitrile Rubber with Anti-Microbial properties Use in the Kitchen, Spa, behind the bar, changing rooms, production areas etc etc.
 100xsafetycushion.jpg Safety Cushion
Comfort non-slip mat has bevelled edges for safety and is ideal for factories, kitchens, food preparation areas, boats and behind counters. Terracotta is grease resistant and has a Nitrile composition, where as the Black is for general purpose and is constructed of 100% Natural Rubber. 12mm thick
 100xvynagrip.jpg VynaGrip
Heavy duty, High Performance industrial Matting that is comfortable to stand on, It’s deeply cut, slip resistance tread reduces the risk of accidents even when used on uneven & problem floors.